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Field Services

CPE’s field team is the strongest, most knowledgeable, and experienced in the industry. Field crews operating at high safety standards regularly provide services across the country. Whether the job involves scheduled or unscheduled shut downs, routine maintenance, modifications, field fabrications, we have experienced engineers and trained technicians ready to support your projects.

In addition to Glass Flake Lining projects on site,

we offer the following field services:

  • Field Inspections
  • Field Modification to Existing Equipment
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Scheduled inspections of FRP vessels and equipment

Field Fabrication


In case of transport difficulties our field services crew is highly experienced and knowledgeable in field manufacturing along with other Field Services. We can construct our own temporary humidity controlled shed and equip it with our on-site filament winding machine to carry out the job. These equipment can then be easily installed in position with the help of our crew.

Field FRP lining for Concrete & Steel


For concrete and steel equipment that require corrosion protection, we offer various FRP linings on site. These linings are suitable up to 60°C (140°F). For linings above 60° C, we recommend our Glass Flake Lining solutions.

Field Erection


We offer complete erection activity of our supplied equipment on site. We are well equipped and experienced to carry out the erection activities. These services are inclusive for both shop and site fabricated equipment.